A Guide to Creating a Cozy Sprinter van with bed

Make sure to explore our curated selection of beds for Mercedes Sprinter, ensuring you find the perfect sleeping solution for your van conversion project. Especially pay attention to the folding Murphy bed for Sprinter van!

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of putting a bed in a Sprinter van, helping you create a restful haven on wheels. We’ve got you covered from selecting the right bed frame to optimizing space utilization. Let’s dive in!


Mercedes Sprinter van can fit a twin bed (38″ x 75″), full bed (54″ x 75″), or even a queen bed (short queen – 54″ x 75, queen – 54″ x 80).

The 2024 Mercedes Sprinter has a cargo bed length of up to 189 inches and a cargo width floor of up to 74 inches. Here you can find more specifications.

But the most important thing is that the larger the bed, the less free space inside the van.


Before beginning your bed installation project, take a close look at the available space in your Sprinter van. Consider your Van model/year dimensions, shape, and any limitations that might affect your bed design choices. Measure the width of the interior space at the planned height of the bed.

You can only consider actual dimensions because no one knows how much space your insulation/walls took up.

This evaluation will help you determine the ideal size and configuration for your bed setup.


When it comes to bed ideas for Sprinter vans, the choices are abundant, ensuring you’ll find the ideal option that aligns with your specific requirements. Let’s dive into a selection of popular bed frame options worth considering:

a. Platform Bed.

Offering a robust foundation coupled with a generous storage area beneath, a platform bed in a van is a top pick for Sprinter van conversions. Constructing a customized wooden or metal platform grants you the freedom to tailor its size and design to suit your needs precisely.

b. Folding Bed.

If you require flexibility and multi-functionality, a folding bed might be the right choice. These beds can be easily folded or stowed away, providing more space during the day for other activities. You can find van folding beds in our catalog.

c. Sofa Bed.

Embrace the Versatility of a Convertible Sofa Bed for Your Sprinter Van.

When it comes to maximizing space in your Sprinter van, a convertible sofa bed emerges as a stellar solution. Seamlessly merging seating and sleeping functionalities, this ingenious piece of furniture offers unparalleled versatility. By day, it serves as a plush and inviting sofa, providing a cozy spot to relax and socialize. And when night falls, it effortlessly transforms into a snug and comfortable bed, ensuring a restful sleep experience. Say goodbye to compromising on space or comfort with the multifunctional wonders of a convertible sofa bed in your Sprinter van.

d. Sprinter van bunk bed

For those looking to maximize sleeping capacity without sacrificing floor space, a Sprinter van bunk bed is a smart choice. Bunk beds are designed with one bed stacked on top of another, creating a vertical sleeping arrangement. This design not only conserves valuable floor space but also allows you to accommodate more people comfortably.

Sprinter van bunk beds come in various configurations, allowing you to choose between fixed or foldable options based on your preferences. Fixed bunk beds provide a dedicated sleeping space at all times, while foldable bunk beds can be stowed away during the day, providing additional room for various activities.

One advantage of bunk beds is their efficiency in utilizing the vertical space within the van. This is especially beneficial in a Sprinter van conversion, where space optimization is crucial. Bunk beds are often customizable to fit specific dimensions and can be crafted from sturdy materials such as aluminum or steel for durability.

When considering a Sprinter van bunk bed, it’s essential to prioritize safety and ensure that the bed is securely anchored to the van’s frame. Additionally, choosing a design with built-in safety features like guardrails can enhance the overall safety of the sleeping arrangement, especially during travel.


When it comes to creating a comfortable sleeping area in your Sprinter van, selecting the right mattress is paramount. Achieving a good night’s sleep hinges on factors such as comfort, support, and space utilization. Prioritize a high-quality mattress that aligns with your personal preferences and offers optimal support for a truly rejuvenating sleep experience.


Maximizing Space in Your Sprinter Van.

Efficient storage solutions are a game-changer in compact living spaces like Sprinter vans. Embrace your creativity and explore innovative storage options that can transform your van’s interior into an organized oasis. Consider incorporating built-in drawers, under-bed compartments, or overhead storage units to make the most of every inch of available space. These ingenious storage solutions will keep your belongings tidy, and easily accessible, and free up precious floor area, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable van life experience.


Ensure your bed setup is safe and secure during travel. Install sturdy anchor points or brackets to secure your bed frame to the van’s structure. Additionally, consider incorporating safety features such as seat belts or bed rails to prevent accidents while on the road.


Make your Sprinter van bed area a comfortable and inviting space by adding personal touches. Use cozy bedding, decorative pillows, and curtains to create a sense of coziness and privacy. Consider installing reading lights or USB charging ports for added convenience.

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a cozy bed setup in your Sprinter van that maximizes comfort and functionality. From selecting the right bed frame to optimizing storage options, this guide has provided you with essential tips to transform your van into a home on wheels. Get creative, explore different options, and customize your bed setup to suit your unique needs. Embrace the freedom and adventure of van life while enjoying a restful night’s sleep in your customized Sprinter van bed.

Explore our page dedicated to DIY Sprinter van conversion kits if you need more than just a bed for your Mercedes Sprinter. Discover a wide selection of furniture options that will complete the transformation of your van into a fully functional and comfortable space. From seating and storage solutions to kitchenettes and more, our campervan conversion kits diy offer everything you need to create the perfect interior for your Sprinter van. Don’t settle for just a bed – elevate your van’s functionality with our comprehensive conversion kits today.

Sweet dreams and safe travels!


When it comes to turning a Sprinter van into a comfortable living space, the proper installation of a bed in a Sprinter van is a crucial element for creating a cozy and functional living environment.

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