Welcome to our Future Plans page! We’re excited to spill the beans on what’s coming next for our van products. We’ve got some awesome stuff lined up for you, so let’s dive in.

Here’s the scoop: we’ve got a range of van products in the pipeline that are designed to fit snugly into three popular van models – Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster. No matter the size, we’re covering these vans to make sure you’re all set.

Bed systems

Available to order

We’re kicking off with a range of van bed systems. Our aim is simple – provide you with a cozy sleep setup that’s versatile enough to transform into extra storage for your bike or other gear. Comfort is key when it comes to van beds. We understand you won’t be using an overly thick mattress, so we’ve designed our beds to strike that perfect balance between support and softness. This is why we’ve incorporated slats into our design, ensuring your sleep comfort reaches new heights.

Wheel well cabinets

Summer 2024

Up next, we’re introducing wheel well cabinets. Our focus is on crafting a versatile design that suits various van models and purposes. Imagine needing to install electrical equipment and plumbing – consider it done. Our cabinets are engineered to not only optimize storage space but also offer seamless usability and a design that harmonizes with your van’s aesthetic.

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Galley cabinets

October – December 2024

Following the wheel well cabinets, our next spotlight is on galley cabinets. When envisioning these cabinets, we prioritize ergonomics and versatility. Our goal is to ensure compatibility with various plumbing, electric, or gas stove setups, as well as fridge placement, while maintaining functionality at the forefront. Just like our other products, these galley cabinets are tailored to seamlessly fit the three primary van models – Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster.

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Start Strong

Here’s the deal – you can kick things off by trying out our very first product. We’re confident you’ll be impressed by the top-notch quality and thoughtful design. And guess what? If you’re digging what we’re putting out there, you can stick with us for the long haul. As we roll out more products, you’ll have the chance to complete your van conversion with nothing but the best.

So, there you have it. The future looks bright, and our van products are ready to elevate your conversion game. Keep an eye out for our new releases, and let’s make your van dreams a reality – one quality product at a time.