Welcome to Van2b, where a passion for travel, a love for yachts, and a dedication to quality come together to create the ultimate DIY van conversion experience. My name is Anri, and I’m thrilled to share my journey with you. From the serenity of the open waters to the freedom of the open road, I found inspiration in both worlds, and it’s my greatest joy to help you transform your van into a home-on-wheels that mirrors your sense of adventure and style.


At the tender age of 16, I set foot on a small yacht for the first time, and it was a revelation. The clever use of space, the ergonomic design, and the purposeful utilization of every nook and cranny amazed me. That 11-meter sailboat felt like a floating home, complete with three beds, a functional kitchen, a dining area, and plenty of storage. It was then that my fascination with yachts began.

Fast forward several years, and I had the incredible opportunity to establish my business in the yacht charter industry.

I immersed myself in the world of power boats and sailing yachts—exploring their nuances, from the slow and steady to the thrillingly fast and competitive regattas. Yachts became not just a profession, but a way of life.As I delved deeper into the world of yachts, I eagerly absorbed knowledge about numerous yacht brands, each with its distinct design style and various layouts. My exploration of the yacht industry allowed me to appreciate the intricacies of yacht craftsmanship and the creative ways designers utilized space to create comfortable and stylish interiors.


As I delved into the world of camper vans, I couldn’t help but draw parallels with yachts. Both are created for travel, embracing limited space without sacrificing comfort. Just like a yacht, a camper van must remain stable during vibrations and withstand diverse weather conditions. And that brings us to my favorite word: quality.

Inspired by the high standards and quality upheld by yacht builders, we aim to bring that same level of care and attention to detail to our van conversions. Just as yachts offer a safe and enjoyable journey, we want our van conversions to provide a comfortable and delightful experience wherever you roam.


A Family Legacy

In parallel, my family was engaged in the furniture industry, running a successful furniture business. I actively participated in assisting my family, affording me the opportunity to witness the entire process from inception to completion. Through this experience, I acquired valuable knowledge in selecting top-notch materials and honing the skills to design and construct high-quality furniture. Countless hours were spent assembling various furniture pieces, and I gained valuable insights into the efficient workings of production lines.

Choosing furniture materials


Checking materials quality

And now we come to my favorite word: quality.
With years of experience in Quality Control, I understand that quality is the cornerstone of any successful endeavor. Over the years, I’ve worked with major companies, ensuring top-notch quality in IT projects.

Quality for us it’s not just about the materials and workmanship. It’s about the joy and safety our products bring to your DIY van conversion journey.


Empowering Your Adventures

Our mission at Van2b is to empower you, the DIY enthusiasts, to embark on unforgettable adventures, transforming your van into a space-efficient, stylish, and durable haven. We take inspiration from the elegance of yachts and the meticulous craftsmanship of the furniture industry to curate products that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Designing future van conversion


At Van2b, we’re prepared to provide you with a range of versatile bed system solutions designed to be placed on wheel well cabinets at the back of your van. These solutions are thoughtfully crafted for effortless transformation, allowing you to utilize the space for transporting your bike or any other gear while on your adventures. The best part? Our bed systems are customizable to fit any van model you may have, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. Moreover, we’ve equipped our bed systems with premium wooden slats, ensuring maximum comfort during your well-deserved rest.


  • Mattresses to Enhance Your Comfort
    We’re continuously striving to expand our product line to better serve you. In the near future, we’ll be introducing a selection of mattresses that complement our bed systems, further enhancing your sleeping experience on the road. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming mattress offerings!
  • Following that, our next focus will be on developing a wheel well cabinet. We recognize the importance of creating a functional and efficient storage solution to maximize the utility of your van’s interior space. With our dedication to quality and attention to detail, you can expect a well-crafted wheel well cabinet that seamlessly integrates with your van conversion, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality. Stay tuned as we work diligently to bring you this exciting addition to our product lineup.


Elevating Your Van Conversion Experience

At Van2b, we are constantly driven by our passion for innovation and our commitment to providing the best solutions for your DIY van conversion journey. As we look to the future, our plans include an array of exciting developments that aim to elevate your van conversion experience to new heights:

  1. Expand Our Product Range: We are dedicated to continuously expanding our product offerings, catering to all aspects of your van conversion needs. From functional interior accessories to exterior enhancements, we’ll introduce a diverse range of products that align with our philosophy of quality and utility.
  2. Enhance Customization Options: Understanding that each van conversion project is unique, we plan to offer even more customization options. Whether you have a specific van model or desire personalized features, our aim is to make your dream conversion a reality.
  3. Focus on Sustainable Solutions: We are deeply committed to environmental stewardship. In the near future, expect to see eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices integrated into our products, making your adventures more eco-conscious.
  4. Expert Guides and Resources: Knowledge is empowering. We intend to provide you with comprehensive guides, tutorials, and resources to assist you in every step of your DIY van conversion. Empowering you with the know-how to create your dream mobile home is our ultimate goal.
  5. Collaborations and Community: We believe in the strength of community and collaboration. As we grow, we’ll seek opportunities to collaborate with like-minded enthusiasts and experts, creating a vibrant community of van conversion enthusiasts where ideas and experiences are shared freely.
  6. Continued Focus on Quality and Innovation: Quality and innovation are at the core of our philosophy. As we progress, rest assured that our unwavering commitment to excellence will remain a driving force behind everything we do.

Stay connected with us as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and progress. Your support and feedback are invaluable to us, and together, we’ll shape the future of van conversion experiences, one step at a time. Thank you for being part of our adventure!


Learn more about our upcoming plans for the near future.


We recognize that people purchase vans not just for transportation, but also as a way to express themselves, their creativity, and their passions. That’s why our company name, Vans2b, is more than just a catchy phrase; it’s a reflection of our mission to empower individuals to be whoever they want to be.

Through our name, “Vans to be…,” we seek to capture the essence of what motivates so many of us to build or buy camper vans. It’s not just about having a vehicle to travel in; it’s about having a space that reflects our unique personalities, interests, and lifestyles. Whether you’re a surfer, a musician, an artist, or simply someone who values freedom and independence, a van can be the perfect canvas to express yourself and live the life you want.

Choose Vans2b and let us help you unlock your full potential.

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