The Ford Transit is something special for those who are looking for the ultimate DIY camper experience. It’s never been more fun to live your life on the road thanks to the incredible upgrades available for the Ford Transit, the uncontested king of vans. Learn more about the Top 15 Ford van interior conversion kits on the market now with our comprehensive guide. And don’t forget to check the Ford Transit Conversion Kit for sale built by Van2b. 

1. What is the Ford Transit van conversion kit?

Camper conversions are getting pretty popular these days. A lot of people are going for the Ford Transit van because it’s got a spacious interior and can be easily customized. Although Ford doesn’t provide a factory-made kit to convert a Transit van into a camper, several third-party manufacturers do. Products like Van2b Ford Transit Campervan Conversion Kits are a gold mine for travelers looking for comfort and utility, with everything from insulating materials meant to moderate temperature extremes to versatile furniture made to optimize space. They provide easy moving between living and sleeping rooms by including folding mattresses or flexible seating arrangements.

What is the Ford Transit van conversion kit

Portable sinks, ovens, and refrigerators/freezers make it easy to prepare meals anywhere. Wiring, light fixtures, and solar power are just a few examples of electrical components that make off-grid excursions possible and contribute to the development of long-term energy solutions. Perhaps most enticingly, these modification kits allow for personalized expression, allowing owners to adapt their van’s interior to their own lifestyle and travel demands. With its innovative design and practical features, the Ford Transit camper conversion kit captures the spirit of adventure, providing a means to experience new places and the comfort of home wherever the road may take you.

2. Reasons why a Ford Transit is a good base for a do-it-yourself conversion

The Ford Transit is a great choice for DIY conversions. It has a really adaptable design, a sturdy structure, and lots of flexibility. It’s like a blank canvas just waiting for you to customize and explore. Here are some reasons why:

  • The Transit’s many variants all have roomy internal proportions, making them ideal for conversion work. Its square form makes the most of the available interior area, making it suitable for a variety of room configurations.
  • Because it’s essentially a blank slate, the Transit is very adaptable. Whether it’s adding beds, kitchenettes, storage units, or even lavish amenities, the Transit fits varied concepts for a mobile living area.
    Its open layout and simple construction make it easy to make customizations on your own.
  • It’s user-friendly enough that DIYers can make changes like new insulation or electrical wiring without too much trouble.
  • High-roof variations provide enough headroom for those who want to spend a lot of time in their accommodations or on the road. The Transit’s superior comfort and handling set it apart from other vans of its size.
  • Countless Ford conversion van interior kits, accessories, and online forums provide DIY enthusiasts with instruction, parts, and inspiration, all thanks to the Transit’s widespread appeal and the subsequent growth of the aftermarket.
  • The Transit benefits from Ford’s legendary dependability, giving it a solid option for extended trips. Its sturdy construction makes it well-suited for use in a wide range of environments.
  • The Transit’s recognition and dependability help it maintain a good second-hand market value. As an investment for the long run, it provides the potential for a high return compared to other cars in its class.

We can say with confidence that The Ford Transit is a practical option for do-it-yourself modifications due to its generous interior dimensions, a wide range of possible uses, extensive aftermarket parts availability, and rock-solid dependability, allowing enthusiasts to fully explore the possibilities of van living.

3. Ford Transit campervan conversion kits overview

Our all-inclusive collection has something for every kind of traveler, whether they want to convert their cargo area into a stylish and practical kitchen or sleep under the stars thanks to its pop-top roofs. Say bye to generic designs and welcome custom-made items, where the quality of construction, the level of comfort, and the sense of adventure are all on full display. Our mission is to find the greatest Ford Transit camper interior modification kits to inspire your creativity and improve your road trip game. It’s time to strap up and plunge into the domain of Ford Transit camper conversions where aspirations meet the freedom of the road.

4. Adventure Wagon

Adventure Wagon

When it comes to adaptability, do-it-yourselfers can’t do better than Adventure Wagon’s Ford Transit conversion kit. Their kits are perfect for do-it-yourselfers who are looking for a sleek, uncomplicated solution that doesn’t skimp on functionality. These kits provide customizable layouts made of modular components, allowing for the creation of unique living environments. Adventure Wagon encourages do-it-yourselfers to build unique interiors without professional help by providing easy-to-follow instructions and a straightforward installation process. Their kits are a straightforward way to build a unique mobile home by including necessary parts like foldable beds, efficient kitchen layouts, and strong electrical systems. This makes them a great option for anyone interested in DIY conversions.

5. Wayfarer Vans

Wayfarer Vans

A hallmark of the Ford Transit conversion kit offered by Wayfarer Vans is its intuitive design. Easy and efficient installation is the goal of these kits, making them ideal for do-it-yourselfers. Wayfarer Vans’ kits streamline the conversion process with clever, pre-assembled components, enabling speedy assembly of adaptable living spaces. These kits are perfect for those who value simplicity without sacrificing utility in their van conversions. They make it easy for enthusiasts to convert their Transit into a comfy camper without any fuss.

6. Sportsmobile


Sportsmobile is recognized for its durable and flexible camper van conversion kit Ford Transit. Their products are geared for explorers who need reliable, adaptable answers to their problems. Sportsmobile kits convert the Transit into a sturdy mobile home with an emphasis on durability and practicality, complete with modular layouts, effective use of space, and off-grid possibilities. Sportsmobile Ford Transit van camper conversion kit is a popular option for individuals in need of sturdy, adventure-ready campervans that can handle a variety of terrains and long trips because of the seamless integration of utilities and the high level of workmanship that goes into each one.

7. VanDOit


VanDOit’s Ford Transit conversion package embraces adventure, providing customized solutions targeted to wanderlust seekers. Their kits’ modular designs lure with the promise of fulfilling one’s every fantasy of hitting the open road. VanDOit converts Ford Transits into multifunctional mobile residences, encouraging adventurers to go on both off-grid adventures and city explorations. DIY fans looking for a harmonious blend of comfort and ruggedness will appreciate the attractiveness of these houses due to their flexible layouts and adventure-ready amenities. The Ford Transit camper conversion kit for sale from VanDOit inspires a thirst for discovery by encouraging consumers to create their own portable sanctuary before setting off on the adventures of a lifetime.

8. Nomad Vanz

Nomad Vanz

The interior Ford Transit camper conversion market was revolutionized by Nomad Vanz, an industry leader. Their gear is the pinnacle of luxury on the go; it combines exquisite design and cutting-edge functionality. With its custom designs and high-end materials, Nomad Vanz transforms the Transit into a luxurious retreat. Their renovations combine form and function in a way that appeals to intrepid travelers who appreciate luxury while on the road. Every mile traveled emanates luxury and adventure in equal measure, and Nomad Vanz’s Transit kit enables fans to relish these experiences with painstaking care.

9. Titan Vans

A sturdy and adaptable Ford Transit camper kit is available from Titan Vans. Durability for off-road activities is prioritized in these kits, which have sturdy, well-engineered designs. Titan Vans’ meticulously planned layouts provide innovative storage options and versatile places that make the most of every available inch. Fans looking for a sturdy Ford Transit 4×4 conversion kit that can handle many terrains and adventures will find Titan Vans to be an ideal option because of its focus on quality construction, versatility, and off-grid capabilities.

10. Creative Mobile Interiors

CMI has made a name for itself as a premier provider of high-quality Ford Transit van conversion interior packages. Their forte is in very precise engineering and personalized design. CMI modifies Ford Transits so that they are uniquely comfortable and convenient for their owners. The rigorous workmanship and attention to detail that goes into each of their conversions allow for the optimal combination of form and function. Creative Mobile Interiors has a wide variety of choices to suit a variety of travel types and preferences. Each camper conversion kit for Ford Transit showcases its dedication to perfection, encouraging enthusiasts to live a luxurious and adventurous life on the road.

11. Freedom Vans

You’ve got to check out Freedom Vans’ Ford Transit camper conversion kit! They’re all about versatility and top-notch quality. These kits have everything you need for a mobile lifestyle. They’ve got custom-built Ford Transit cabinets that make the most of storage space, really cool kitchen setups with stoves and refrigerators, seating that can be converted into different arrangements, and beds that can be adjusted to fit different layouts. Freedom Vans are awesome because they have really strong electrical systems that even have solar options. They also have LED lighting, which is super energy-efficient, and water storage solutions. With all these features, you can totally go off-grid and still have everything you need! They’re really careful with their craftsmanship, even when it comes to insulation. They make sure the temperature inside is just right, so you can enjoy a cozy and comfortable interior. Freedom Vans’ Ford Transit interior kits are all about the little things and making sure everything is comfortable and easy to use. They give adventurers the power to create awesome, functional, and stylish spaces on wheels that are ready for any adventure.

12. Flatline Van Co

Flatline Van Co

Affordable and customizable, the interior Ford Transit connect camper conversion kits from Flatline Van Co are definitely worth your time and money. These kits provide affordable choices that don’t sacrifice creativity. Convertible furniture, inventive storage solutions, and flexible bed systems are just a few of the ways their products let do-it-yourselfers experiment with creative layouts. With an emphasis on affordable but creative designs, Flatline Van Co gives fans the ability to incorporate their own unique ideas, turning the Transit into a fashionable and practical mobile home without breaking the bank.

13. California Custom Vans

California Custom Vans

Among campervan conversion kits, the Ford Transit conversion van interior package from California Custom Vans is the most functional and comfortable option. Carefully designed interiors with flexible sleeping and sitting options are a hallmark of their packages. A part of it is a compact kitchenette with a burner, a sink, and plenty of storage. They provide adaptable electrical systems, LED lights, and solar power alternatives for off-grid travels with an eye on ease of use. The storage and temperature control features of the kits’ well-designed Transit van cabinets are top-notch. Transforming a standard Transit into an elegant, adventure-ready mobile home is a joy with the help of California Custom Vans’ meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality parts.

14. Trail Kitchens

Trail Kitchens

Converting a Ford Transit into a campervan is easy with the help of Trail Kitchens’ interior + Ford Transit conversion van kits. Featuring clever designs for portable cooking, these kits are experts at making the most of little space. A slide-out kitchen unit with a stove, sink, and plenty of storage is part of a Trail Kitchens package, which has high-quality workmanship and clever innovation. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer looking for high-quality, ready-to-install kitchen or Ford Transit campervan furniture solutions that fit in with the Ford Transit camper conversion without any hassle, look no further than their space-saving design.

15. Happier Camper

Happier Camper

Convert your Ford Transit into a campervan with the help of Happier Camper’s affordable and adaptable conversion kits. The flexible modular designs of these kits make excellent use of available space, making them a wise investment. You can make the most of every inch of your Transit with Happier Camper’s Ford Transit interior panels kits, which include flexible layouts and lightweight, sturdy components. Those looking for a camper conversion that combines functionality, comfort, and long-term endurance with a focus on quality will find these units to be a worthy investment due to their versatile setups, which include changeable sitting and sleeping combinations.

16. Flarespace


The unique layout choices offered by Flarespace’s Ford Transit van conversion kits are what attract do-it-yourselfers. In order to make the most of the available space and comfort, these packages provide expanded living spaces. Flarespace kits provide more space to your Transit without sacrificing its agility. The flares are precision-made to fit smoothly into the vehicle. They are an attractive and functional option for a more comfortable camper conversion, and their focus on increasing useable space and easy installs make them a top pick for do-it-yourselfers looking to increase the interior capacity of their Ford Transit. Also, Flarespace offers innovative, space-maximizing Ford Transit xl van conversion interior furniture solutions.

17. Ox Overland


Rugged and adventure-ready designs are what make Ox Overland’s kits for converting Ford Transit into campervan stand out. With their reliable and adaptable off-grid capabilities, these kits are the way to go for long trips. With sturdy builds and practical designs, Ox Overland kits come with top-notch parts like integrated storage, electrical systems, and accessories that are ready to hit the off-road trail. Ox Overland crafts durable, space-conscious tall Ford Transit campervan conversion interior furniture prioritizing functionality and ruggedness. Their focus on longevity and versatility makes them a great pick for adventurers looking for tough camper conversions; with their configuration, you can confidently take on a wide variety of terrains and rough environments.

18. Van Life Customs

Conversion kits for the Ford Transit campervan by Van Life Customs are unique and well-made. Incorporating high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship, these kits provide elegant but practical interiors. The manufacturer offers a Ford Transit wall panel kit, providing easy-to-install solutions for a seamless and stylish interior finish in campervan conversions. The packages from Van Life Customs guarantee high-class and uniquely yours living quarters in the Transit with their customized layouts, polished finishes, and cutting-edge facilities. The company designs sleek and customizable Ford Transit upper cabinets blending style with practicality seamlessly. As an industry leader, their dedication to providing exceptional quality and tailored solutions positions them as the go-to option for camper conversion enthusiasts who want to lift the ante on comfort and design.

A variety of Transit Campervan Converting Kits for your own unique adventures

Numerous manufacturers provide a wide range of kits for Ford Transit campervan conversions, allowing customers to express their own tastes. Whether you’re looking for something tough and durable, super comfy and luxurious, or easy to put together yourself, these kits have got it all. They’re all about being innovative, functional, and customizable, so you can create your personal one-of-a-kind adventure that suits your unique style. 

Check out our van conversion kits DIY and speed up your van transformation!

We also have Sprinter interior kits and Promaster interior kits.


The great thing about transforming a Ford Transit into your mobile haven is that it gives you the chance to hit the road, live life on the move, and create the perfect journey for yourself.

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