Looking for Vancubic USA? Before you invest in Vancubic for your van conversion, it’s crucial to understand both the benefits and potential drawbacks to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs.

There are many products in the market that profess to offer a solution for converting a van into a comfortable, full-time living space. Among them is Vancubic, which says it provides an easy and efficient way of making your van a cozy and functional home on wheels.

But before you take your money out of your wallet, it is important to weigh the pros and cons first.

This blog post shall address reasons you might not buy Vancubic and some of its benefits to present a balanced perspective.

Here is a list of Vancubic disadvantages that came to my mind:

  1. Expensive

    Vancubic does not happen to be the cheapest option out there. The price sometimes can make one feel squeezed, mainly when there are so many other DIY kits or even professional conversion services. Vancubic price starts from $17,400 up to $26,200 for the Premium option.

    Hence, this could be a critical factor for those on a tight budget.

  2. Limited Customization

    Although Vancubic camper is quite sleek and modular, some van dwellers may feel that it lacks the flexibility in design that they prefer. Perhaps if one has something particular in mind or is very particular about the layout and design of the interior of your van, the Vancubic alternatives can seem somewhat restrictive.

  3. No Permanent Solar Panels

    This is another example of limitation. There is no way to have permanent solar panels on the roof with Vancubic installations, limiting your off-grid capabilities.

  4. Can’t Install Flares

    One more. The design of Vancubic doesn’t allow for the installation of flares, which can be a significant limitation if you’re looking to expand the interior space or enhance the aerodynamics of your van.
  5. Weight and Space Concerns

    Cubic units can add a good amount of weight, which may affect the fuel economy and handling of your van. The weight of each cube is between 660 and 770 pounds, with a maximum of around 1,540 pounds if you add accessories and extras.

  6. Not space-efficient

    The cube design can cause you to lose space between the van walls and the cube, making the layout less efficient.

  7. Generic Design

    Vancubic’s designs won’t be for everybody; those needing a more personalized aesthetic that makes an interior unique might find some of their offerings a bit generic or even sterile.

  1. Additional Shipping Costs to USA

    You might end up paying additional charges for delivery of Vancubic to the USA, which would ultimately increase the overall cost of acquiring Vancubic.

  2. Storage Needs
    The Vancubic module consumes storage space when it is unused. If you do not have enough storage facilities, this may present a big inconvenience.

What are the Vancubic advantages?

They say one of the best things about VanCubic’s modular design is that it allows you to use your van for work when you’re not exploring. The modules aren’t permanently installed; you can secure them with slings without needing any permanent changes, keeping the van’s interior intact.

But do you really need such a large setup? There are other modular solutions on the US market. You can finish the walls and ceiling, buy the modular cabinets you need, and remove them when necessary. A foldable bed can also give you extra space when it’s folded up.


Vancubic presents various pros, but most importantly, ensure that it works in your favor. High Vancubic costs, less modification flexibility, and installation problems are some significant cons. On the other hand, if you want a time-saving solution with a professional finish, perhaps Vancubic can be something to consider.

However, I think it’s too much of a compromise to buy a Vancubic. It may work for some people who need a cargo van and also want to do camping sometimes but know how much compromise you will get compared to a fully converted camper van. Think about what customization you will not be able to do because of the specifics of the cubic design. We have many companies, including Van2B, that sell van conversion kits here in the US. Support local businesses.


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